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Upcoming  Student Union Activities

Spring is here, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down! Here’s what we have going on:


Staff Volunteer Opportunities

Need volunteers? Email and we will post your call for volunteers here!

What We’ve Accomplished!

Take a look at everything we accomplished during Our First Year.

Click here to see our most recent accomplishments.

Teams & Committees


Team Captains: Ariel Feinberg Berson, Jenny Harris, Jeff Woods

Description: The Compass Group’s charge is to clearly identify and articulate the purpose of the Student Union. They will then incorporate that purpose into all aspects of the culture of the Student Union including our on-boarding, decision making processes, procedures, recognition efforts, rituals, strategic plan, branding/cues, etc.  Their goal is to shift the culture of the Student Union into one distinguished by trust and pride whereby all the employees collectively work across the Student Union to actualize that purpose.


The Student Staff Experience Committee

Description: The Student Staff Experience Committee is working to create a unified experiential learning program for all student employees which includes training, appreciation events, and professional development. Additionally, they are developing standards and resources for other ASUC Student Union supervisors to utilize while managing a team of students.

Team Captains: Monica Duran, Ariel Feinberg Berson, Jenny Harris, Robert Jittrikawiphol

SUCCESS: Student Union Committee for Celebrations, Events, and Silliness

Description: This team plans large-scale Student Union wide events including: Caltopia, Cal Day, Open House, etc. Please note, Calapalooza is managed by the LEAD Center directly.

Team Captains: Theresa Ajari, https://studentunion.berkeley.eduSarah Barrett,Gabriella McGrath O’Halloran, Katelyn Nomura-Weingrow, Jeff Woods


Organizational Chart

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