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Contribute to the Cal Student Experience

When you give to the ASUC Student Union you support the student experience directly. Your donation provides critical support to our programs for students including student government, student organizations, student-run programs, and programs for students. We provide naming opportunities to enhance our facilities and make every student feel welcome in the Student Union here at Cal.


Sponsorship benefits can include advertising on our digital screens, our website, social media, and at our major events. Please inquire at for more sponsorship details. Join our sponsorship family or start advertising with us today

Support Our Programs Directly


With your gift the Art Studio will be able to fund free art classes for low-income students. Donations also support programming such as our free “CrafterDark” and “Art Cart.”


Make a gift to the ASUC Student Union and support student government, student organizations, and programming for students. Help fund student events in our spaces.

Naming Opportunities

If you’d like to learn more or take advantage of our naming opportunities, contact us directly.

Campus Living Room

The Campus Living Room is considered the social focal point of the ASUC Student Union. It features ample space for students to study or socialize and is next to the Cal Student Store.

Square Feet 4,245 Gift | $3,000,000

Pauley Ballroom

As the 2nd largest venue in the East Bay, Pauley Ballroom serves as a coveted event space. The space boasts oak paneling, a 30 foot high ceiling, and a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal remarkable views of Sather Gate and the Campanile.

Square Feet 9,000 | Gift $5,000,000

Stephens Lounge

Adjacent to Pauley Ballroom, Stephens Lounge seats up to 65 guests and is used for gatherings, lectures, and excited brides preparing for their wedding ceremonies.

Square Feet 1,200 | Gift $250,000

Eshleman Hall

Built in 2015, Eshleman Hall is one of the main Student Union buildings. Eshleman Hall is the seat of student government (ASUC and GA), student organizations, the Public Services Center, LEAD Center, Practice and Performance Spaces, and our beautiful meeting rooms. Eshleman Hall is LEED Gold certified.

Square Feet 64800 | Gift $3,000,000

Berkeley Art Studio

The Berkeley Art Studio has been the hub of creativity at Cal for over 50 years. The Studio offers over 500 art classes to almost 3,000 members annually. The Art Studio is seeking a large donation, with naming rights, to create an endowment. Annual revenue from the endowment will be used to fund free art classes for low income verified students in perpetuity.

Square Feet 2400 | Gift $2,000,000


Atop the MLK Jr. building, Tilden features stately wood panel walls, majestic stained glass windows, and an open-air patio overlooking the San Francisco Bay. This impressive space is used for large gatherings, events, and wedding receptions.

Square Feet 1231 | Gift $250,000

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