Caraway Corner

On behalf of the ASUC Student Union, University of Health Services, Caraway Health, and the Office of Senator Grottel-Brown, we are excited to announce the grand opening of Caraway Corner, a wellness room in Eshleman Hall for students to decompress and rejuvenate.

This room is completely open to students; you can use your Cal 1 Card to access the room during the same hours of Eshleman Hall which you can find here. You can find the space on the 3rd floor of Eshleman Hall, room 346.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Saturday | 8 am – 11 pm
Sunday | 10 am – 8 pm

Please feel free to frequent the space whenever you need time to destress from the often intense rigor of academics at this school, but keep in mind the following guidelines:

Be respectful of the space (leave things how you found them).

No food or drinks (with the exception to water and tea).

Please use headphones or earbuds when listening to audio.

Please refrain from taking meetings or calls in the room (this is a wellness room, not a study/meeting space).

Take space and leave space (be mindful of how much time you spend in the room).

Caraway Corner grand opening

We hope you enjoy this new wellness space in Eshleman Hall, and for any questions, please feel free to contact

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