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The ASUC Student Union lost & found serves the MLK Jr. Building & Eshleman Hall.

Lost wallet on the ground.

Items found in either building are managed at the MLK Jr. Building, 2nd floor Information Desk.

Items that are turned in to the ASUC Student Union are retained for a two week period before being transferred to the UC Berkeley central lost & found repository at UCPD.  Some items may be turned over to UCPD immediately for safety and security reasons.

General Information


📍MLK Jr. 2nd Floor – Information desk.
Open during regular business hours.

UC Berkeley
2495 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94720

Additional Resources


Some found items are immediately transferred over to the UC Berkeley central lost & found repository located at the UCPD station in Sproul Hall.

• CAL1 Cards

• Bicycles or any other vehicle (i.e. e-bikes, skateboards, electric scooters)

• Computers or tablets

• Currency or wallets/purses/bags with currency

 •Other high value items (i.e. DSL cameras, jewelry, etc.)

• Credit cards & debit cards are retained for 2 weeks

If ASUC Student Union retains the found item, it will be logged into our lost and found system and retained for a two week period. After the two week period has passed, the item will be:

   • Transferred to UCPD if it is an item they accept.

   •  Transferred to the ReUse program as a donation.

   • In rare cases, some items will be disposed of or destroyed.

• You can fill out the online claim form.

•  During business hours, you can check in with the ASUC Student Union staff at the 2nd floor information desk in MLK.
** We recommend filing a claim at UCPD in conjunction with the ASUC Student Union.

• Once you create a claim, you will receive a confirmation email for your claim. If we have a possible match based on your claim description and an item turned in to us, we will send you notice through your claim.

• You may be contacted by our staff and asked to provide additional information for us to determine your claim is a match or to confirm ownership of the item.

• You will need to bring identification with you in order for us to release an item to you. This is a requirement and there are no exceptions to this policy.
Accepted forms of identification include:
*Cal1 Card ID
*State ID or Driver’s License
*Other government issued photo identification (i.e. – U.S. resident card, military ID, etc.)

• You will need to pick up the item yourself. We cannot give a friend or family member your property. If you do have questions regarding designating a representative to assist you with your claim, please use the messaging option for your claim to contact us.

• Items accepted by the campus police department will be transferred to the custody of UCPD lost & found.

• Items that are not accepted by UCPD and are still usable are transferred to the ReUse program.

• In some instances, items that are not usable or have some sensitive information will be disposed of or destroyed.

• Contact UCPD immediately if you believe a crime occurred on University property: 510-624-6760 (non-emergency); 510-642-3333 or 911 (emergency).

• Otherwise, contact the local agency where the crime occurred.
*City of Berkeley Police Department: 510-981-5900 (non-emergency)
*BART Police: 877-679-7000 (non-emergency)
*Alameda County Sheriff (AC Transit Buses): 510-272-6878 (non-emergency)
*Albany Police Department: 510-525-7300 (non-emergency)

• All Cal1 Cards are transferred to UCPD the day the card is found. UCPD retains the card until it is turned over to the Cal1 Card Office the next business day.
**ASUC Student Union does not log found Cal1 Cards in our lost and found system before turning them over to UCPD.

• To report a lost or stolen Cal1 Card, contact the Cal1 Card Office directly: https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/contact-us/.

• Contact the Parking & Transportation department at 1-877-878-8883. The Parking & Transportation office is located off campus at 1995 University Ave, Suite 110.

Additional Resources:

UCPD Lost and Found – https://ucpd.berkeley.edu/services/lost-and-found
Email: found@berkeley.edu
Phone: 510-642-6760, Mon-Fri, 8am-3pm
Location: 1 Sproul Hall (24 hr basement entrance at the bottom of the ramp off of Barrows Land and Bancroft)

Cal1 Card Office – https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/
Email: cal1card@berkeley.edu
Phone: 1-866-2UCBCARD or 510-643-6839
Location: 212 Sproul Hall – Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm

Parking & Transportation Office (Clipper Card) – https://pt.berkeley.edu/StudentEasypass
Email: cal1card@berkeley.edu
Phone: 1-877-878-8883
Location: 1995 University Ave, Suit 110 – Mon-Fri 7:45am-4pm

Additional Resources:

Cal1 Card Office – https://cal1card.berkeley.edu/

Parking & Transportation Office (Clipper Card) – https://pt.berkeley.edu/StudentEasypass
Email: cal1card@berkeley.edu
Phone: 1-877-878-8883
Location: 1995 University Ave, Suit 110 – Mon-Fri 7:45am-4pm