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Inclusive Access is a method of providing access to digital course content when instructors are using interactive courseware platforms or e-books in place of printed text.

The Inclusive Access program has been making waves among universities across the country, with its innovative digital course materials model, since it was introduced by UC Davis in the Fall of 2014 with 3,000 students, 10 courses, and a handful of faculty with a pioneering spirit. UC Berkeley will be joining UCLA, UC Davis, UC Merced, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego, and UC Riverside in adopting the Inclusive Access model.

The program will allow our campus to reduce student course materials costs in comparison to traditional print text, and ensures that every student has easy access to the content by the first day of class. In short, the ASUC Student Union and the Cal Student Store want to upgrade our course materials model to combine affordability and ease of access with 21st century educational tools.

Two Main Goals of Inclusive Access:

1.  Reduce the overall cost of course materials to students.

2.  Provide access to products which improve educational outcomes for students.

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Benefits to Faculty:

No restraint on academic freedom. Instructors choose the content.

Ability to manage content and even add their own in some platforms.

Students can begin online homework assignments on the first day of class.

Ability to integrate in the campus SIS for single sign-on access and grade-book integration.

Instructor analytics on student engagement and success.

Potential for peer to peer online access help desk staffed by UC Berkeley students.

Benefits to Students:

50%-80% lower than equivalent pricing for printed textbooks.

Deferred student billing direct to student account.

Course materials available day one with no waiting in line.

No carrying heavy textbooks.

Increased interaction with course content leading to greater success in the course

Benefits to Student Organizations:

The Cal Student Store pays a sizable commission to the ASUC Student Union. This money directly supports registered student organizations and programs.

The Cal Student Store is a beneficial partner to our campus, who actively look for ways to best serve our student population through employment opportunities, sponsorships, and programs.

Benefits to the Environment:

Reduces the footprint of transporting textbooks from manufacturing facilities to warehouses to students

Reduces water consumption in manufacturing of textbooks

Helps save trees!

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