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The Student Union hopes you will vote early and drop off your ballot in a vote-by-mail drop box or the mail. If you want to drop off your ballot in-person or vote in-person we’re offering an Accessible Voting Location including “stop and drop” ballot drop options and in-person voting.

UC Berkeley Student Union

2020 Accessible Voting Location

F.A.Q. :

Q: What is an Accessible Voting Location (AVL)?

A: Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic there are no formal polling places in Alameda County this year. However AVL’s are available for those who want to give their ballot to an official staff member or for those who can only vote in-person.

Q: When is the UC Berkeley Accessible Voting Location open?


Saturday, October 31st, 9am-5pm

Sunday, November 1st, 9am-5pm

Monday, November 2nd, 9am-5pm

Tuesday, November 3rd, 7am-8pm

Q: I am registered to vote but don’t have my ballot with me. Can I still vote?

A: Yes! You can either do curbside voting or vote inside our location. A ballot will be provided to you. We ask you to bring your mail-in ballot with you even if you choose the vote in-person.

Q: I’ve already filled out and signed my ballot. Where do I drop it off?

A: During our Accessible Voting Location operating hours you can drop off your ballot in front of Sproul Hall (at Bancroft Avenue and Barrow Lane.)

A: If you’d like to drop off your ballot in advance of our Accessible Voting Location being open (highly encouraged!) use our Official Vote-By-Mail Drop Box behind Sproul Hall, off Upper Sproul Plaza. You can find other Official Vote-By-Mail Drop Boxes in Alameda County HERE.

Q:  Can I come vote even if I am not part of the UC Berkeley Community?

A: Yes! Any person registered to vote in Alameda County can either drop off a ballot or vote in person.

Q: Do I need to wear a face covering?

A: Yes! Anyone entering campus must wear a face covering and abide by physical distancing requirements. If you are not able to wear a face covering you will still be able to vote curbside, in front of Sproul Hall, off of Bancroft Avenue.

Q: Where do I go if I want to cast my vote in-person?

A: In-person voters should use the check-in stations located on Upper Sproul Plaza, in front of the MLK Jr. Building, or in the Lower Sproul Plaza Garage. You will be entered into a virtual queue and called once we are ready to bring you into the building to vote. We will not be forming lines. You will be directed to the voting location within the MLK Jr. Building.

Q: If I want to cast my vote in-person, where do I park my car?

A: We have free parking for voters (up to 40 cars at any-one-time) in the Lower Sproul Parking Garage. After exiting your vehicle, you should use the voter check-in station located in the garage in order to enter the queue to vote in-person. You can wait in your car until you are summoned.

Q: Are there other locations at UC Berkeley to vote?

A: Yes! The Lawrence Hall of Science and University Village will also be providing an Accessible Voting Location with  “stop and drop” ballot drop options. Visit the Alameda County voting website for more locations and details.

Q: Can I volunteer to work at the Accessible Voting Location?

A: Applications are still being accepted to serve as a poll worker in Alameda County at the UC Berkeley Voting Location. Those interested in volunteering can apply at and learn more by calling (510) 272-6971.

Please note: these FAQ’s may be change as Alameda County protocols and regulations are updated. 


We encourage you to drop off your ballot in our Official Vote-By-Mail Drop Box behind Sproul Hall in advance. From October 31st-November 3rd you can drop off your ballot at our “stop and drop” ballot drop on Bancroft Avenue in front of Sproul Hall. You can drive up or walk up. If you must vote in-person bring your mail-in ballot with you and check in either on Upper Sproul Plaza or the Lower Sproul Plaza Garage if you need to park your car.