Our Annual Open House!

Join Us for the 4th Annual ASUC Student Union Open House!

We’re welcoming the entire campus community to join us for our annual Open House, when the Student Union will be transformed into a stop-and-go BINGO! game with grand prizes awarded to some lucky participants, like Apple EarPods, a Giant Bike, an Amazon Kindle, and a Fujifilm Instax camera. AND get a pair of our one-of-a-kind socks just for playing!

The Open House is an opportunity for students, staff, and the campus community to explore the MLK Jr. Building and Eshleman Hall while enjoying free food, entertainment, and games.

Date: Wednesday, January 30, 2019
Time: 11am–2pm
Locations: ASUC Student Union (MLK Jr. Building & Eshleman Hall)

Did you say BINGO? How do I play?

Oh we definitely did. You’ll be given a BINGO card when you enter either MLK Jr. Building or Eshleman Hall. Once you are at that location, you’ll receive a sticker that marks off that space on your card. The more spaces you fill out, the more prizes you could win! Take a look at the BINGO! card.

Prize Breakdown:
One “5-In-A-Row:” Student Union *SOCKS*
Two “5-In-A-Rows:” Entered to win a BLUE prize
Full Card (Blackout): Entered to win ALL (Blue & Gold) raffle prizes