Free Face Coverings

Are you a UC Berkeley Student in need of a face covering to protect you from Covid-19? Come visit us in Eshleman Hall to pick up 2 masks today!

Pickup from: 9am-5pm, Lower Sproul entrance.

Person wearing face mask


Q: How Many Masks Will I receive?

A: Each UC Berkeley community member will receive cloth and surgical masks at pick up. Both types are available.

Q: Are these face coverings compliant with the new campus masking order?

A: Yes!

Q: Where and when can I pick up my masks?

A: Enter on the north side of Eshleman Hall off Lower Sproul Plaza, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

Q: Do I need to show my Cal ID (Cal 1 Card)?

A: Yes! However if you lost or have not received your card you can simply show us a copy of your official class schedule.

Q: What are the masks made out of?

A: Standard surgical masks are constructed with polypropylene to block >95% of bacteria and particles down to 0.1 microns. Ear straps are non-adjustable. These masks are disposable.

Q: How thick are the masks?

A: The masks are triple-layered, breathable, and lightweight. They have a wire nose bridge for secure fit and less glasses fog. They offer 2-way protection.

Q: Can I still get a cotton mask with the Cal logo?

A: Yes. You can still get 2 Cal-branded cotton masks upon request.

Q: Are these masks good for smoke or other uses?

A: These masks are intended to protect you and others from Covid-19 and other illnesses. These are not smoke/particulate masks.

Q: How long are you giving out masks?

A: Until supplies last!

Q: Where else on campus can I pick up a mask?

A: Surgical masks will also be available at Cal Student Central in Sproul Hall. Faculty and staff can also pick up masks at the Hazardous Materials Facility button according to face coverings distribution schedule button

Q: Can the non-Cal community get masks?

A: Sorry, no. This program is for currently enrolled UC Berkeley students, faculty, and staff. If you would like to purchase Cal-themed non-medical masks to be shipped to you please click here visit the Cal Student Store online.

Q: Can I have my masks shipped to me?

A: Sorry, no. However if you would like to purchase Cal-themed masks to be shipped to you please click here to purchase a mask on the Cal Student Store website.

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