Creative Lab

CREATIVE LAB is the Student Union print, design, and advertising shop.

We offer advertising opportunities, print & design classes and services to anyone on campus and the community!

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For companies or campus departments, MARKET DAYS are a great way to get exclusive access to students for your business. We provide a 10 foot x 10 foot space on Lower Sproul Plaza, right at the base of the Ludwig Steps leading from Upper Sproul Plaza. We can provide a table, chairs, and tent for free (upon request). If you would like to sell product you can be moved inside the Student Union itself where selling is permitted. MARKET DAYS include advertising on our digital screens (templates can be found here) and a post on our Facebook account one week in advance of your reservation.
  • Non-Premium Days: $100 an hour min. 5 hours, $100 per hour after that.
  • Premium Day Tabling: $2,000 flat fee
    • Premium Days include Cal Day, Open House, Calapalooza, Move-In Day, Parents Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, MyGrad, GradFest.


Become a sponsor of the ASUC Student Union and your money will go directly to support student organizations and programs! Sponsorship benefits include advertising on our digital screens, our website, social media, and at our major events. Please inquire at for sponsorship details.


We have 22 digital screens throughout the Student Union that rotate images all day! Advertise on our digital screens and catch the eye of students walking by. Advertising is available to student organizations, campus groups, and external groups. Fees apply to campus and external groups. 

Digital Signage Fees:

Registered Student Organizations- Free! 

Campus Departments- Weekly: $100, Semesterly: $1,200, Annually: $2,000

Non-Campus Groups or Companies- Weekly: $200, Semesterly: $1,600, Annually: $3,000

Each student organization is allowed up to 5 advertisements per calendar year. For general advertisements, we'll run your ad for a total of 2 weeks (10 business days). If you're promoting an event, we recommend that you send the ad to us at least 3 weeks in advance so we can ensure that your ad is up and running for 2 full weeks prior to your event. 

Download monitor templates and review specifications here.

BANNERS: Student Organizations and Campus Departments may have approved banners hung on the East and North railing of the 3rd floor of the MLK Jr. Building. Creative Lab can design, print, and install your banner! (See our prices list.) Sorry, UC Berkeley does not allow commercial promotions on banners! 

-Banners must be 3’x6’

-Banners should be made of a mesh material or have slits cut into them for wind protection.

-Paper banners will not be accepted.

-ASUC election campaigning is prohibited.

-Length of installation will be determined by the ASUC Student Union. (Typically 2 weeks, but longer for Campus Groups residing in the ASUC Student Union and ASUC Chartered Programs)

FLYERING: Approved flyers will be hung in designated poster cases on campus and/or the ASUC Student Union buildings.

-Flyers may not be larger than 8.5”x11” and must follow campus posting policies

-Upon your request we can flyer around campus and residence halls for a $100 service fee.

-Please no posting of flyers outside of the designated poster cases.

SIGNBOARDS Signboards are allowed on Sather Gate Bridge according to established procedures:

-Registered Student Organizations (RSO) can participate in the Sather Gate Signboard Program. If your RSO receives a confirmation, a signatory must bring the signboard to the Event Services desk for approval prior to placement on the bridge. You can request signboard approval through EMS. When approved, Even Services will assign a spot for your signboard. Applications open on the 2nd Monday of each September

-Please refer to the Signboard Blueprint for signboard construction guidelines. If you have any questions about our Sather Gate Signboard program, please contact Event Services.

PORTABLE EASELS Portable, non-commercial organizational announcements or statements (of the size appropriate to standard portable easels) can be installed in the following locations: North Gate, Moses Court, Engineering Quad, Lower Sproul Plaza, Kroeber Plaza, Wurster Courtyard.


Check out our schedule here to learn more about our graphic design, web design, digital photography, and photo editing classes. Or, you can create a custom skill-building class for your group. Let us know what your group needs to learn and we'll teach it to you at the Creative Lab.


We can design your logo, business card, flyer, banner and more! We offer both professional and student-designer creative work. Once designed you have the option to produce your work with us.

Design Fees: Student Designer: $30/hour (min. 3 hours per job.) | Professional Designer: $75/hour (min. 3 hours per job.)


Large format printing, flyers, stickers, laminating. Our menu of services and prices can be found here.